Dr. Md. Abdul Quddus
Dr. Md. Abdul Quddus

Professor Contact No : +8801716477175
Department of Agricultural and Applied Statistics Email : aqdds1957@gmail.com
Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
Research Interest:    Food and Nutrition Security Socioeconics of Farmers Dissemination and Adoption of Agricultultural Technologies
Ph. D.    - 2004
Dhaka University
Postgraduate Diploma In Statistics    - 1993
University of Reading
M.Sc. In Agricultural Statistics    - 1981
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
B.Sc. Fisheries (Hons.)    - 1979
Baangladesh Agricultural University
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List of Research Projects:

Title of the Projects


Funding Organization


Measures of Livelihood Activities and Food Security of Farm Household in Bangladesh

 Principal Investigator


 July ’17 to June ‘19

Technological Innovations in Livestock: Adoption and Dissemination

 Principal Investigator


 Jan ’15 to Dec ‘16

Determinants and Constraints of Adoption of Dairy Technologies

 Principal Investigator


 July ’10 to June ‘11

Agriculture and Food Security in Bangladesh: Four Decades of Development

 Project Director


 July ’09 to June ‘09

Role of Agro-Industry to Reduce Poverty by Generating Income and Employment in Bangladesh

 Project Director


 July ’08 to June ’09

Measures for Balancing Regional Disparities in Agricultural Development in Bangladesh

 Project Director


 July ’06 to June ’07

A Study on Constraints of Native Cattle Genetic Resource Conservation With Particular Reference to Profitability Assessment

 Principal Investigator


 July ’06 to Dec ’07

Economic Aspects, Employment Potential and Consumption Pattern of Dairy Milk Production in Selected Areas of Mymensingh District

 Principal Investigator


 April’01 to Marc’04

Socio-Economic Aspects of Developing Livestock and Poultry Resources in the Traditional Village of Bangladesh

 Principal Investigator


 Jan’97 to Dec’97

An Analysis of Economic Conditions of the Fishermen including the Efficiency of their Fishing and Marketing System in Netrokona District

 Principal Investigator

Ford Foundation/BSERT

 July’89 to Dec’89

Survey on the Availability of Selective Fish Species (sharputi, pungus, bacha, chapila and silong) in Kishoregonj, Netrakona and Sunamgonj District

 Principal Investigator

Ford Foundation/BSERT

 July’87 to Dec’87



Other Important Researches


Place/ Purpose / Funded by


Pre Assessment Report on Agriculture (Fisheries) Census – 2018 in Bangladesh

National Consultant, FAO

June – Sept, 15

Fact Finding Survey on Agricultural Finance and Technical Assistance Program in Bangladesh

Consulting Farm, Dhaka, JICA

July –Sept, 13

Food Security for Children, Elders and Disabled in the Disadvantaged Regions in Bangladesh: Measures and policy Implications

University of Giessen, Germany, DAAD


July –Aug ,09

Linkage Taxonomy and Its Application: An Input Output Analysis of The Bangladesh Economy

Dhaka University, Ph. D. Thesis

Sep ’99-Aug ‘03

A Single Replicate Design and Field Heterogeneity

University of Reading, England, M.Sc. in Biometry Dissertation, British Council

July - Dec ‘94




Total Number:  7




Sponsored by

Analysis of Data for Measuring Availability, Access and Nutritional Status

January, 2012

Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development


Food Security Concepts, Basic Facts and Measurement Issues

June – July, 2011

Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development


Project Cycle Management

October, 2005

Bangladesh Agricultural University


Technical Report Writing and Presentation


May, 1997

Bangladesh Agricultural University


Post Graduate Training in Biometry


Oct' 93 to June'95

University of Reading, UK


Professional English Language Course


June – Sept.,1992

University of Reading, UK



Advanced Biometry

October-Nov, 1989

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute


09 Dec, 2002 - 30 Sep, 2019
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
Associate Professor
28 Jun, 1997 - 08 Dec, 2002
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
Assistant Professor
15 Dec, 1988 - 27 Jun, 1997
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
28 Apr, 1986 - 14 Dec, 1988
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
Total Number:  60

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