Mr. Fuad  Hassan
Mr. Fuad Hassan

Assistant Professor Contact No : +8801782682803
Department of Agricultural and Applied Statistics Email :
Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology ResearchGate Google Scholar
Research Interest:    Labor Economics, Farm Mechanization, Tracking Food Security 
PhD (expected In 2020)    - 2020
University of Bonn
Bachelor Of Science    - 2010
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Master Of Science    - 2012
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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03 Feb, 2013 - 03 Feb, 2015
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Assistant Professor
03 Feb, 2013 -
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M.F. HassanM. A. Islam, M. F. Imam, and S. M. Sayem (2011), Forecasting Coarse rice price in Bangladesh. Progressive Agriculture, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp.-193-201.

M.F. Hassan, M. A. Islam, M. F. Imam, and S. M. Sayem (2013), Forecasting wholesale price of coarse rice in Bangladesh: A seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average approach, Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp.-271-276.

Hossain, M. J. and Hassan, M. F. (2013). Forecasting of Milk, Meat and Egg Production in Bangladesh, Research Journal of Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sciences, 1(9), 7-13, India.

S. Forneck, G. Frey, F. Noulekoun and M F. Hassan (2015), Coping with the Floods-Evaluation of Adaptation Technologies for Agriculture in Bangladesh,

Sen, B., Islam, T., Alam, K., & Hassan, F. (2016). Performance of exporting shrimps and dry fishes from Bangladesh. Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University14(1), 69-74.

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M. Asadujjaman, M.A. Amin, M.B. Hossain, M.F. Hassan, M. T. Hasan, M. T. H. Chowdhury (2019), Mud Crab (Scylla serrata) Fattening in Pen Culture System: Changes of Proximate Composition due to Fattening, Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, 34(3/4):79-88.
Saha, B., Hassan, M. F., & Saha, A. (2016). Some aspects of biology of the bar-eyed goby Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton 1822) (Perciformes: gobiidae) from Netrakona. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Science42(1), 95-106.
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Research Workshop in Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany, September 2017 and June 2018.

  1. Presentation on“Dynamics between food price and agricultural wages and its impact on rural poverty: Evidence from Bangladesh”.
  2. Presentation on “Interlinkage of farm wage, farm machinery use and land reallocation in Bangladesh”.

 Research Workshop in Food Security Center (FSC), University of Hohenheim, Germany

  1. Presentation on“Food and digit: Analyzing historical data of food prices and rural wages from Bangladesh” held in 19th October 2017.
  2.  Presentation of paper on “Cooperatives in the rental market of farm machinery in Bangladesh” held in 16th October 2018.

Conference Papers

  1. The Future of Work in Agriculture organized by IFAD, World Bank, and UCDAVIS in Washington DC, March 2019

          Presentation of paper on“Let’s get mechanized – labor market implications of structural transformation in                Bangladesh”

       2. International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE), Vancouver, Canada, June 2018 

           Presentation of paper on“Farm wage and food price dynamics in Bangladesh.

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